Ross Martin
Dr Ross Martin
Aesthetic Medicine and Lasers

My first exposure to cosmetic treatments was in 1993 when I became one of the very first doctors in this country to own and operate a cosmetic laser. This was a laser designed for removing tattoos, something that was unheard of at the time; in fact it was so newsworthy  that the local television and newspapers were eager to do features on the news and in the papers. (How things have changed).

During the next couple of years I became more and more interested in cosmetic treatments. Threadveins of the legs were something people just put up with, so after research and training I started to offer sclerotherapy. 

A group of two colleagues and myself were amongst the very first people in the country to offer laser hair removal with the earliest systems. We helped the beauty therapy industry start to use the technology.  We set up a system by which interested and innovative beauty therapists could hire a laser from ourselves for a week at a time grouping their patients, and treating them monthly. In time the treatments became so common that they all purchased their own systems and the technology improved by leaps and bounds. We were proud however to have been at the cutting innovative edge of things.

I was in at the start of laser resurfacing for fine lines, wrinkles and acne scarring. I went to the USA to learn the technique from three centres who were themselves at the ‘cutting’ edge (pun intended) of the new technology. At one time I was performing cases at several different sites up and down the country. I believe that for a while I was doing as many cases as anyone in this country.

I have owned and co-owned clinics in Nottingham, Sheffield and Hull, but now provide my services from facilities in Nottingham and London.

Back in the middle to late nineties very few people outside London were performing filler and ‘Botox’ treatments.  I had embraced these forms of therapy as well and was head hunted by clinics up and down the country to provide them on a visiting physician basis as so few people had learnt the skills. At various times I worked in London, Haywards Heath, Southampton, Basingstoke, Bristol, Cheltenham, Solihull, Birmingham, Manchester, Bolton, Wallasey, Lytham, Nantwich, Derby, Southport and probably a few places that I have forgotten..

It is fascinating to see how the market has moved on and at a recent meeting in London I was amazed to see how much of the mantle of aesthetic Medicine has been taken up by the Nursing profession.

I believe that my very wide grounding and experience is invaluable in assessing patients over the full spectrum of possible interventions.

As the market has moved towards less invasive treatments I have embraced this philosophy and offer treatments in a  range of these interventions.

I combine these activities with expert witness work and teaching.