Ross Martin
Dr Ross Martin
Consultancy to the Aesthetic Industry
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  • Dr Martin offers consultancy services to laser clinics or practitioners who find they are not covered by their insurers when engaged in legal proceedings with unhappy patients. He is a qualified mediator and has many years experience of advising professionals in this situation on how to proceed with process.

If you find yourself in this situation then the first thing to do is to tell your insurer as soon as possible. It is extremely important to be entirely honest with them about the course of events in question – this is your duty to the patient.

In situations such as this it is easy to get frustrated and irate, especially if you feel the complaint is not your fault. Remember that the patient may be distressed and stay calm while making sure that you are doing everything available to you to put the matter right.

Take advantage of Dr Martin’s extensive experience in the field and as an expert witness. Call today to discuss your case and receive advice on how to proceed.