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Dr Ross Martin
Skin Surgery
Skin Surgery briefcase

Minor skin surgery procedures

Our modern, purpose built health centre located near to the city centre has been delivering this service for over 20 years. Minor skin surgery procedures include:

  • Mole removal

  • Skin tags

  • Cysts

  • Skin lesions

  • Fatty deposits around the eyes

  • Scar revision

  • Earlobe repair e.g. after earlobe ripping or ‘flesh tunnels’

We appreciate the tremendous psychological boost that these procedures can offer patients, and that they are increasingly not covered on the NHS since they are viewed as cosmetic.

One Stop service

Due to the simple nature of these procedures and for your convenience, the popular one stop service is offered where the consultation and treatment are carried out on the same day.

For anyone wishing to reflect on the consultation, a later appointment can easily be arranged to carry out the procedure.

Affordable prices

Dr Martin operates from his own premises and hence has no overheads which lead to escalating costs. This means he does not work to an inflated pricing structure, allowing his own fair assessment of the price for procedures.

Price guarantee

Dr Martin is currently able to guarantee that his fee for carrying out any procedure taking between 15 and 30 minutes will not cost more than £130.

Many simple procedures will cost less than this. For example:

  • Skin tag removal which can cost as little as £40

  • Shaving of moles (taking no more than 15 minutes) costing £80

The techniques used for these procedures vary, as does the time required to complete them. These details are usually only clear upon seeing the patient and as such only approximate prices can be given beforehand.

Please contact us for further details.


Some procedures will require a tissue sample to be sent away to a laboratory to be investigated under a microscope. This process is known as ‘histology’. This may not be required for purely cosmetic procedures.

Dr Martin has negotiated a very reasonable rate for this service and charges only £58 to the patient where this is required. Details of whether you would require this procedure will be given at your consultation.

Trustworthy and experienced

Dr Martin trained in general surgery in the 1980s up to registrar level and has worked as a GP for over 26 years. His patients benefit from his extensive experience in a wide range of cosmetic procedures carried out both privately and for the NHS.

Putting a patient at her ease

See Dr Martins’ video on YouTube to learn more about this ethical approach to cosmetic treatments.